Scarlet Rabi is one of the four horsemen that follows the order of Patchman. Scarlet holds the title of the Red Horseman, which symbolizes war. She was to obtain the Claiomh Solais, but failed as she retreated after a battle with Oz, in which she loses the Claiomh Solais' seed to him. She first appeared walking towards the estate of Duke Macdonell in chapter 55.

In chapter 73: although appearing victorious at first, she was killed by Oz; who used the Claiomh Solais' seed on himself who impaled her with the unicorn horn.


Scarlet is a 16-years old girl with long lilac hair tied into a braid along with a headband. She wears a regular school uniform, and states proudly that she doesn't wear underwear. When she is in battle her appearence changes; she loosens her tie and her hair takes the shape of two horns.


Scarlet is insane, yet talks in a very sweet, childish voice. When a person touches her without permission, she easily gets angered (perhaps due to her traumatic childhood). She calls Arago's teammates trash, but sees Arago himself as 'strong', probably due to his Brionac's power. She is willing to kill whoever is in her way to get what she wants, and sees no remorse in doing so.

However, she does not seems to like strategic battle plan as she sees Oz's fighting technique as 'dirty' (though this may be due to her strength that she prefer to fight head-on).


An unknown years prior to the series, Scarlet was a normal child with a tragic backstory; every night, she sees a man who violently hit her mother (it was never specified, but the man was presumably her father or her mother's boyfriend).

As year passed on, Scarlet becomes the target for the man's sexual harassment (in which it traumatized her up until now). Deep inside her heart, Scarlet believes that if the man is gone, then she can live at ease with her mother.

One night, the man's violence acts got worse, to the point of her mother being admitted into a hospital. Being alone with the man, Scarlet decided to take his life once and for all, only to found that he is already dead; not without a burn marks on his neck. She then decided to burn his body, only to be stopped by her mother's sudden appearance, and she was quickly blamed for his death. It was then revealed that her mother herself distaste her existence; her mother claims that both she and the man would live happily if it wasn't for Scarlet. With no other valid choice, she burns her mother along with the dead man. She was alone, sitting in the blazing inferno as Patchman confronted her, giving her the power of the seed, and persuaded her to "burn everything you hate to the ground".


Scarlet's seed power has the ability to generate heat. The seed is also alot like Brionac, the more the person gets worked up, the stronger they become.

Since she is the horseman who symbolizes war, Scarlet has an immense amount of strength that could even trample over the combined power of Arago, Seth and Joe. It takes Oz's 'dirty' fighting technique for her to actually retreat from her battle.


  • Flames of War: Scarlet releases a slash of intense fire that can cut through a one meter thick vault door with ease.