Oswell 'Oz' Miller is a member of the Queen's Special Forces, "Albion", the Sacred Guardian Corps. It was revealed that he is the last remaining Albion (the others were killed by Patchman) and his mission is to protect the world's last hope; the Brionac's seed holder, Arago.

He was presumably dead in chapter 73 after an intense battle with the red horseman; one which he was forced to use the Claiomh Solais' seed (it should be noted that a person without resistance can't accept the seed's power and will eventually die). However, through an unknown mean, he is still alive and he is capable of depositing the seed out of his body.


Oz is a man with long, red hair tied in a ponytail, that covers half of his forehead at the front. He has a distinct cross-shaped scar above his right eyebrow and a scar below his left side of the mouth.


Oz is shown to be an easygoing though realistic, perhaps pessimistic, person. He is a combat pragmatist, knowing that he is just a human and would not win without sometimes underhanded means, and is not ashamed to admit it. However, he is shown to understand that violence is not the answer to everything, as he frees the ogre children and attempts to dissuade Seth before the final battle.


He is first seen outside of the MacDonell Estate. When he enters the building his face is covered by a gas mask and he manages to save Arago, Joe and Seth from Scarlet, by using a smoke grenade as diversion. Then he shoots exploding arrows towards the girl. After making a huge chandelier fall on the Red Horseman by shooting its chains, he reveals his face and his status as a member of "Albion".

By using flashbang arrows, and making the ceiling fall on Scarlet, he buys enough time for himself to combine his weapons into the Unicorn Bunker. With that weapon he knocks out the Horseman and secures the Seed of Claiomh Solais.

After the battle he packs his weapons in his 'pest extermination' van, which serves as an armory for him. He states that his goals are no different from Arago's and offers them to bring them back to London. Then he introduces himself as Oswell "Oz" Miller.


He has no supernatural powers. In battles he relies on his weaponries. He has great experience in battles; Joe states that he must be overwhelmingly accustomed to battles.

Everytime he finishes his battle, Oz has a tendency to said "God save the queen.", further proving his loyalty to the Queen of England.


  • Crossbow: a normal crossbow, which is capable of shooting five arrows at once. The arrows are of different types: exploding arrows, flashbang arrows.
  • Consecrated Damascus Bullets: very hard and powerful bullets, which can withstand even the heat generated by Scarlet.
  • Large Gun: A large, yet unnamed gun, which is used by Oz combined with the unicorn horn. With this combined weapon he was able to easily knock out the Red Horseman.
  • Unicorn Horn: The horn of an unicorn, which he got from the Queen. Oz combines this with the large gun to create a drill.


  • Claymore: An Attack where Oz sets a bomb which by exploding, launches a barrage of consecrated damascus steel bullets.
  • Unicorn Bunker: Oz uses the large gun and the unicorn horn to drill into the oppoent.