Lucian gardner

Above: Lucian and Hades attack Below: Lucian's face and "Slider" hands

Lucian Gardner is one of the Four Horsemen who follow Patchman's order. He represents the Pale Horseman, which symbolizes death. He may be French, as he uses various French words when talking. As he symbolizes death, he always appears with his demonic dog (composed of his shadows) appropriately named Hades, the king of the underworld and the god of death. He first appears confronting Seth in chapter 20.


Lucian is a tall man with long blonde hair. He wears a cap backwards and a set of headphones around his neck. He wears a short sleeve jacket which he keeps open. Lucian also wears cheetah-patterned pants with two belts. He always carries a guitar on his back. He resembles glam rock artists with his looks.


Lucian is a loudmouthed show-off guy. He is also shown to be arrogant, making The Black Horsemen asked twice for his help. He is shown to be a ladiesman, to the point of asking Hades to sniff out the scent of a woman he is attracted to (shown when he uses it to woo Rio). He has a strange habit of rating his or other people's actions and attitudes from 0 to 100. Sometimes, he just says if things are cool or uncool instead of rating them.

Lucian has also shown to be heartless, as he degrade Hades for eating a cat and said that he rather sees him eating a lion.


For an unknown years prior to the series, Lucian was a member of a group of a popular indie band. Despite his slider ability, his 'friends' has shown to be able to accept him, and he would do anything for them. During his time as a member of the band, he resolve to drugs just to relief his tension of being a slider. Despite this, he was still accepted.

Right before an important show where his band would hit it big, someone ratted them out of using drugs. As a form of trust, Lucian readily takes the blame for everybody. He was imprisoned, but got through it as he believes his friends, their music will wait for him once he is out.

However, once he was out, it was revealed that his team accepted him because of his knowledge in creating good music. His sacrifice was void, as his friends didn't even think twice of him to the point of saying "When you're around, things don't go right even if they should", and he hold an undefinite amount of anger towards them. By this time he met Patchman, who gave him the power of the seed, 'reviving' him.


Lucian's seed ability is Hades.He also has a natural ability which lets him store electricity in his body.

Giving his position as the horseman symbolizing death, his main attack was usually in the form of a 'scythe'


Hades is a four legged beast that follows Lucian's commands. Hades resembles a dog, with mad eyes and sharp teeth. Its body seems to be composed of Lucian's shadow. Hades can also fuse with Lucian's Slider ability and become an electricial beast in which Lucian can ride on or utilizes. It can remember the scent of people, and he can find them using its extraordinary sense of smell.


Lucian is a so-called "Slider"; a person who have a natural ability which lets them store electricity inside their body. Whenever Lucian discharges the electricity from his body, it causes electrical appliances to light up or malfunction. Lucian can also combine his ability with his electric guitar. However, his ability as a slider might be amplified by the seed as he can create an indefinite amount of electricity.


  • Electric Scythe: Lucian discharges a large amount of eletricity, and then sends it at the victim using his electric guitar.
  • Thunder Jail: Lucian attacks his opponents with electricity that surrounds them so they can't escape from it.
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