Ewan is Arago's twin brother and one of the main characters in the first chapters. He seeks revenge and indirectly looks for Patchman while becoming an elite cop; unlike Arago who directly searches for Patchman. However, in a meeting with his brother after so long in an attempt to capture Patchman, he gets fatally wounded and died. However, he was resurrected along with Patchman, still retaining some of his mentality as he told Arago to run away.


Ewan, unsuprisingly, bears great resemblance to Arago, the only exception is his blonde hair in comparison to Arago's white as well as the glasses he wears. According to an extra, he stands at 180 cm.


Ewan is more solemn than his brother, and takes any responsibilities that he was presented with in a serious manner. He is a genial police officer and was referred to as CID's rising star before the time of his 'death'.

Ewan is also depicted as being more social and friendly than Arago was, as was shown in chapter 27.


His father and mother were killed by Patchman when he was very young, causing him to be driven to find the killer and to shut him down for good. Unlike Arago however, he joined the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in order to search for Patchman, something that Arago did not respond to positively.


"You're like Don Quixote, challenging a windmill to a fight." (Arago: Ch. 1)