Arago and Ewan
Chapter 1
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 1
Japanese Title: アラゴとユアン
Romanized Title: Arago to Yuan
Total Pages: 60
Year Released: December 23, 2009
Shonen Sunday: Issue 2010-04-05
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 2

Arago and Ewan (アラゴとユアン, Arago to Yuan) is the 1st chapter in the series.



Two twins watch the Patchman killing their parents. Then the story opens with "CID's Rising Star" Detective Ewan Hunt at the crime scene of a man with burned marks and amputated legs. When he returns to the office, a high schooler accuses Ewan for being the Patchman because the high schooler had actually saw Arago in a dilapidated building. Ewan scouts out the building and finds Arago. They have not seen each other for a long time as Ewan finds it surprising that Arago is still alive.

They talk about the return of the Patchman as the recent deaths are strikingly similar to Patchman's work thirteen years ago. Arago keeps talking about revenge and ends up running up to the roof where he blames himself for not being as strong as his brother. Here, he flashes back to the encounter with Patchman. As Patchman killed their mom and dad, Arago retaliated only to get his hand caught by the Patchman who was surprised by Arago's ability to see his "light" without being corrupted or irritated. Patchman took out a knife, but Ewan intervened the slash and got a scar across his right arm. They miraculously survived. At that point, Ewan decided that he would be a policeman, while Arago desired revenge and saw cops as useless.

As soon as Arago returns to reality, the Patchman shows up. "I've been waiting for this day for so... long. We both have it seems..." The Patchman grabs Arago by the neck and attempts to do something akin to sucking out his soul. Arago shoots his gun and the Patchman dashes to an adjacent rooftop. Arago hastily searches for him again, bumping into Ewan who tells him to get in the car. Patchman jumps atop the car, causing Ewan to crash the car into a wall. Arago wakes up in a lab, discovering that he suddenly had Ewan's right arm. The Patchman returns and mentions that it is perfect that the attaching of the arm did not cause inflammation nor corruption in Arago. The Patchman has been searching for the container for his enormous power and waited thirteen years for Arago to grow into adulthood. Just as the Patchman was about to put his power into the container, Arago unleashes a deathly blast that incinerates the Patchman. Ewan dies before Arago could carry him out of the collapsing building. For his brother, Arago decides to become a police officer.


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