Arago is the main protagonist in the AR∀GO manga series. He was born on August 5th[1]. His father, Doug Hunt, and his unnamed mother were slaughtered by Patchman when Arago was young. Arago parted with his twin brother, Ewan, to find Patchman and seek revenge. He returned to the streets of London after hearing rumours of the serial killer. Arago and his brother tried to capture him but even their combined attempts failed resulting in Ewan becoming fatally wounded and finally, dying. After defeating Patchman and avenging his parent's death, Arago gained mysterious powers along with his departed brother's arm. Succeeding his older brother's will, Arago became a police officer and has been selected for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).


Arago has a shock of silver hair, green eyes, and bears a very strong resemblance to his older twin brother, Ewan (save for their differences in attitude). He has a scar above his nose, which starts above his left eyebrow and extends down and to the right for a few inches. He has a penchent for slouching. When using Brionac, an X appears in front of his facial scar, which later became five pointed, becoming a "Crown". After Seth gave him his Sluagh Ghairm seed he gained the same symbols as Seth on his forehead and ears.

After meeting his brother in the beginning of the manga, Arago was given Ewan's right arm as a replacement for his crushed one. However, Ewan's right arm was considered inferior compared to Arago's, as it does not have the same resistance towards the Brionac's healing power.


Arago is brash, stubborn, slightly clumsy and reckless. He does not enjoy taking or following orders, and so he often gets into trouble, even after joining the police force.

However, Arago cares strongly for the well being of others. So much, in fact, that he is willing to put his own life on the line to protect them. This trait of Arago is stated as his greatest weakness (as said by one of the antagonists, the Black Horseman) and many of the people who fight him exploit this vulnerable aspect of his character.

It has also been noted by Rio (and shown on a few occasions in the manga) that whenever Arago is lying about something he will start to scratch either ear. He himself mentioned about feeling itchy in his ear when he is lying. However, he does not seems to aknowledge this, even after Rio informed him of the action.



First time we see the gun.

In the first chapter of the manga it is seen that Arago has a handgun (something like a custom

Either a Colt or a Browning.

nickle-plated Colt 1911). Although we do not see it again for the rest of the manga, it is hinted that he has extensive knowledge and is proficient in the use of firearms, as on a stakeout he gave pointers to Rio on how to ajust her gun so she could pull it faster in the line of duty. He was also shown to be proficient in hand to hand combat or techniques as shown he can beat people in fights with little effort and was able to take on a gym full of boxers. But seeing that was in training to face a werewolf, it could be because his stamina was increased by Brionac as shown when one of the boxers noticed he regained his stamina quickly during the spar.

After the first meeting with Patchman, Arago wields the power of Brionac, one of Erinn's treasures. While not knowing the full extent of his powers he came to the conclusion: "...I've gradually come to understand this power a little better. I can use it for spotting ghosts, catching falling lifts and stopping blows...". He thinks that this "cursed power" reacts to anything living stealing away the light that represents their life because anything apart from plastic or metal that comes in direct contact with his body rots, withers or gets altered somehow.


Arago with his arm activated.

However during his battle with Seth, he reveals that the power of Brionac isn't a life-draining but a life-giving one, or known as The Radiance of Life. Every time he touches something that radiance increases the body's vital process resulting in rapid healing. However if the body's recovery limit is reached, it will begin to take damage. As explained by Seth, "Just like how the roots of a plant will rot if they're overfertilised. Too much love is deadly."

He also has the ability to split and separate things on a cellular levels as shown when he separated Coco from a Golem. This was noted by the Black Horseman as the power of creation.

In chapter 81 Seth gives Arago his Sluagh Ghairm seed, giving him the same abilities as Seth.

At the end of chapters 83 and 84 Arago recieve's the other half of Brionic and Claiomh Solais' seed respectively, but his abilities with them are unknown.

Brionac's AbilitiesEdit

Brionac attacks

Seth Stringer elaborates on his analysis of Brionac's attacking capabilities to Arago

Arago's offensive abilities utilising Brionac can be split into three main categories, according to Seth; 'Firing', 'Striking', and 'Grabbing'.



Arago curving a beam

'Firing' involves Arago quite literally firing 'beams' of raw life energy from his hands; this has mainly destructive uses, as shown against various monsters such as the Nuckelavee and the Golem. The beams themselves apparently appear to have a rainbow colouring, as noted by Seth.

The beams are very powerful; Arago's left arm can fire a beam capable of going through 10 trees, whilst his right arm can destroy 3-4 trees; an impressive feats, but the huge differences in power of his right and left arm is due to the fact that his right arm is Ewan's and not his. In fact, the beams are so strong that Arago managed to lift a subway train off of the track and through the ceiling above, onto the road, with his strongest 'firing' attack.

As seen in the battle versus the Golem, Arago seems to have a certain amount of control over the path of the beams after they're fired, managing to pull off a curved pathway around a large rock.


  • Javelin: Arago fires a beam that can pierce through a fireball with ease.



Arago vs the Wolfman, using 'Striking'.

'Striking' is Arago's main offense so far in the story; he uses the overflowing life energy provided by Brionac to enhance his physical strength to superhuman levels, forming fists of raw energy around his own fists as he attacks; this allows him to shatter boulders and easily match the strength of superhumanly strong adversaries such as the Wolfman and fight them on equal terms.


  • Gauntlet: Arago focuses his energy into one strike that can send an opponent flying.
  • Fire Storm: A team attack in which Seth and Joe combine Anam Ghairm and Raging Flame into a flaming tornado, whilst Arago jumps through its center and launches his Gauntlet attack. Used during their fight with The Red Horseman


Arago uses 'Grabbing' less frequently as an offensive tactic, but uses it as a finishing move to spirits or other beings with corporeal form; its main use is burning the opponent, as the life energy overflows into whatever Arago is grabbing (which he tends to do with his right arm) which causes overly rapid healing which leads to burns and malformed skin (and damage in general, as the body can't take that amount of energy and overloads). Later on in the story Arago is capable of using it to block against a hail of accelerated water and to form the water into a ball.


  • Phalang: Arago creates an aura around his hand then grabs whatever is coming towards him, which he can then move into another direction, or stop the object from moving.
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